Friday, March 6, 2009

In the "win" category...the recession has totally validated Gen X early 90's slackerdom.

Fear not Gen Xers. Your Cocaine and Cobain fueled wanderlust, hatred of the suburbs, and refusal to buy into the Baby Boomer's American Dream have finally paid off.

Owning a home is now nothing but a giant albtross of impending
unemployment . Reaching for the pension and gold watch after 20 years on the factory floor is but a dream. Job hopping is smart and everyone's running a small business called their career.

So dirty beanies off to a generation who's has felt ignored and maligned for far too long. I'll let one of your own summarize it with a rant no one from the "Gossip Girl" generation could ever top...

"We moved to San Francisco and Brooklyn and Mission Hill. We jumped from job to job. Put off marriage. Never bought a place. And we never heard the end of it. We were drifters, they said. Layabouts. No respect for work and real estate or the value of a good pair of cufflinks. But now, in the cold glare of a recession, everything looks different: We've got no house to lose, no career to dash, no school-aged children in need of pricey Wii gaming systems. Not recession-proof, exactly, but recession-resistant, at least."

Well said, slacker.

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