Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We Are The Champions.

So we're poor. And mad at people who managed to get rich. Life sucks for everyone...right?

When will someone emerge a winner? Well, bear with me...but I think we're(assuming only pre-actual responsibility people are reading...and come on, I post this on facebook so I'm probably right...) the victors. My running joke is that when our generation gets our pink slips we're going to head home and pretend like we're on an extended spring break. Think about it..."I can't mom, I'm looking for a job in a dead economy". It'l be like high school sans curfew...and instead of an allowance we'll have severance. Because really, what do we have to lose? That cushy cubicle by the bathroom? Unlimited access to the copier and coffee machine? That paycheck that covers exactly a third less than we spend? We have no equity in this system and few exit barriers.

The New York Times is running stories about trophy wives considering leaving their husbands because they are no longer being supported in the manner to which they have become accustom. No worries here...I haven't had a date in 3 weeks, no one can leave me because the money's gone.

And that is mayhap the kick in the head of all of this...by and large, we aren't the ones losing jobs. Unemployment for people over 50 is skyrocketing and once they lose jobs, fewer than 60% find full time employment within two years. They're being pushed into early retirements and buyouts. The rise of the Zuckerberg generation has finally lead to the dawning (but much overdue) realization that age and tenure are a drain on payroll, but not a guranteed boon to innovation and productivity. This will hopefully not be a realization that fades as markets settle, but even if it does, we are a generation gaining unprecedented access and responsibility and this trial by fire will stay with us into c-suites and start ups.

Tonite I decided I wanted to be a lady senator, actress, and writer...all before 11pm. Why? Because unlike times past when young 20's were a time to save up for a down payment and pick a company to grow old with, there is no security, few rules, and for the love of the subprime market...rent, don't buy! So what DO we have to look forward to? Ideas, innovation,no longer being constrained by the pressure to follow "safe" paths... All those finance majors can find something they actually like to do.....besides pocket 150% bonuses. Girls grooming to become trophy wives can channel that obsessive perfectionism and focus on apperance into starting an image consulting firm. The notion of a corporate ladder is being destroyed so forget about climbing and start creating.

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