Thursday, January 22, 2009

You're broke? It's is the unemployment office!

In "times like these", many unearth a new found appreciation for those agencies and services providing a hand up. Waiting in line for concerts tickets is replaced by waiting in line to collect unemployment benefits or sign up for Job Corp. Because that's the point of all our taxes...right? We pay now in case we need it later; A sort of mandatory insurance policy with sky high premiums and no contracted guarantee, lucky us. Now, in our hour of need we can collect. Queue up everyone. It's time!

Or, err. It would be time. But see, the unemployment office, well...there was a mix up in 2001 and they didn't ever totally fix it, but as long as there isn't massive unemployment it really shouldn't be a prob...uh oh. It seems that they don't really "have the money". Or any money. At all. In fact they sort of need to borrow some. Because they're bankrupt too.

Even the government can't spare you a dime, brother.

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